NOTICE:  The websites listed below are NOT sponsors of this site. NO promotional fees have been paid for the listings below. These are simply my recommendations for sites where you can obtain modeling supplies, including electronic parts for enhancing models. As a model builder, you should find several of these sites useful.

MICRO-MARK:  My favorite supplier for all sorts of manual and power tools. It’s also a great source for all kinds of adhesives, paints, and landscaping materials. If you’re into model railroading, you’ll find engines, cars, scale buildings, and other items for your hobby. Highly recommended for their wide range of items, fast shipping, and ease of use.


ELECTRONIC GOLD MINE: If you need LEDs to add lighting to your models or prop-replicas, this site has a wide variety to choose from (including specialty LEDs). They also have a selection of electronic kits which you might find useful (these require some skill with a soldering iron and the ability to follow wiring diagrams).


SUPER BRIGHT LEDs:  Another excellent site for LEDs and other lighting supplies. Individual LEDs are available in a variety of sizes and colors. LED lighting strips and 12volt lighting systems are also available.


AN INTERESTING COLLECTION OF MOVIE & TV PROPS:  This site displays private collections of science fiction props and replicas, posted by various collectors. Well worth a quick look. You’ll find many of my prop & prop-replica creations on this site, including those I’ve made on commission for other collectors.


STAR TREK – PHASER PARTS & OTHER GOODIES:  Looking for metal phaser parts? You’ll find a good assortment of TOS Type-II Phaser metal parts, and other related items, on this site.


STAR TREK – MORE PHASER & TOS RIFLE GOODIES:  From Jon Paul, master model & prop artist. Check out the link to eCrater (above) or visit eBay for a great selection of Star Trek phaser metal parts. Good prices, great quality, and fast shipping. You can reach this vendor at


eBay:  A good source for all sorts of plastic model kits and for ‘aftermarket’ items (like machined aluminum gun barrels for model tanks), decal sets, stencils. You’ll also find a variety of paints from Tamiya, Polyscale, Model Master, etc.