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There are also detailed 'How To' articles and tips on model building, many having photo illustrations. To exit this Site, use your browser's 'back button' or close the tab containing this website. To find out about this Site, click on the ABOUT button. To see 'how to' articles, click on the HOW TO button, and so on. NEW ARTICLES and SPECIAL NOTICES are listed at the bottom of this page.

SciFi Dragon Models

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Many articles contain 'hidden' photos that you can view by rolling your mouse over the visible photos on the page.


As of December 1, 2015, I am no longer accepting commissions for custom build-ups or other model or prop projects.

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Science Fiction novels from SciFi-Dragon are available on Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing).  Look for 'The Archangel Chronicles'.

Our New Articles

New Military Model articles

  • GMC Duce-&-a-Half, 2.5ton cargo truck (vignette)
  • Meet the Stuarts - a pictorial history of the development of the Stuart Light tank, from its 1930s origins to the M5 and M8 variants of the late 1940s.

New Star Trek article

  • My Last Phaser - a quick article about the very last TOS Type-II phaser I'm ever going to build!